Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Venezuela, Cuba deepen economic ties

Venezuela, Cuba deepen economic ties
According to the bilateral agenda, both countries are to hold quarterly

"Cuba has a great potential: investments, technology, import
substitution. There are many skilled people in the island. We are
refining the supplementary economic agreement," said on Tuesday
Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez, referring to issues addressed with
Cuban President Raúl Castro, in the context of a bilateral plan "based
on the ideals of Simón Bolívar and José Martí."

Following his meeting with the Cuban ruler at the Miraflores Palace,
downtown Caracas, Chávez said: "We are working on an integration plan.
We are now preparing a more detailed map for economic complementation,
in addition to social development. Our people have to offer thanks to
the Cuban Revolution for many things."

He said that no pressure would untie the common destiny of Cuba and
Venezuela in their goal to "break the imperial hegemony. What we have
sown will be reaped in freedom as time passes by."

According to the bilateral agenda, the two countries will hold quarterly
meetings to follow up social development projects.

"I am leaving and we are fully satisfied. We have worked hard. I shall
return, like I did the first time I came to Venezuela 57 years ago," the
Cuban President Raúl Castro said.

The Cuban delegation led by Raúl Castro also included the Vice-President
of the State Council and Vice-President of the Ministerial Council,
Ramiro Valdés, among others.,-cuba-deep_21A3776613.shtml

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