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Recipients of the 2010 Goldman Environmental Prize

Posted on Monday, 04.19.10
Recipients of the 2010 Goldman Environmental Prize
The Associated Press

Here is a list of recipients of the 2010 Goldman Environmental Prize
announced Monday by the Goldman Environmental Foundation in San
Francisco. Each winner gets $150,000.

AFRICA: Thuli Brilliance Makama, of Swaziland. An environmental
attorney, she won a three-year legal battle that reinforced the public's
right to participate in environmental decision making in Swaziland.

ASIA: Tuy Sereivathana, of Cambodia. He worked to protect Asian
elephants, which were being killed when they searched for food at farms,
and taught farmers to ward the elephants off with fences, fireworks and

EUROPE: Malgorzata Gorska, of Poland. She led a legal fight to protect
Poland's Rospuda Valley from a highway project that would have destroyed
sensitive ecosystems in one of one of Europe's last wildernesses.

ISLANDS AND ISLAND NATIONS: Humberto Rios Labrada, of Cuba. A scientist
and biodiversity researcher, he promoted sustainable agriculture by
working with farmers to increase crop diversity and reduce reliance on
pesticides and fertilizer.

NORTH AMERICA: Lynn Henning, of Michigan: A farmer and environmentalist,
she led efforts to monitor large industrial farms where animals are kept
in close quarters, producing enormous amounts of manure and threatening
air and water quality.

SOUTH AND CENTRAL AMERICA: Randall Arauz, of Costa Rica. He led a
campaign to halt the practice of killing sharks for their fins, drawing
international attention to the issue and making the country a model for
shark protection.

Source: Goldman Environmental Foundation.

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