Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Activists denounce acts of repudiation during a child’s birthday party

Activists denounce acts of repudiation during a child's birthday party /
Posted on November 25, 2014

14ymedio, Manzanillo, 22 November 2014 – This morning several activists
reported an act of repudiation against the members of the Community
Network of Journalists and Communicators in the eastern city of Manzanillo.

According to the testimony of those whom this newspaper had access,
Leonardo Cancio had organized a celebration in his home for a
six-year-old niece and invited his colleagues from the Network. From the
previous day, there were several women surrounding the house, whom the
activists said were summoned by State Security, to communicate that they
would not allow "a party for children organized by the
counterrevolution," and they also visited the homes of neighbors to warn
them not to send their children to such an activity.

Since the early hours a crowd, estimated by the Network to be some three
hundred people, surrounded Cancio's house to block access to the guests.
However, some activists like Tania de la Torre, accompanied her daughter
and granddaughter, had managed to arrive well in advance. De la Torre
explained that "the State Security agents names Alexis and Julio" on
seeing them leave the house, "pushed us into the crowd" where they were
beaten and threatened with future retaliation.

In statements given to 14ymedio by Martha Beatriz Roque, leader of this
group of independent journalists, the dissident commented that, "this is
the Cuba that the Spanish Foreign Minister Margallo is coming to visit,
where human rights are trampled without consideration."

Source: Activists denounce acts of repudiation during a child's birthday
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