Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kill, Already, If You Are Going to Kill

Kill, Already, If You Are Going to Kill / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo
Posted on November 25, 2014

Cuban State Security — that is, the Castroist assassins of the State —
just as in Havana, have not ceased from monitoring and stigmatizing me
for even one minute since I have been in the US.

It is the sole legacy of a dictatorship that from its inception
disintegrated our nation in an irreversible manner.

But we Cubans are free. But we Cubans do not fear Evil. Castro has no
more Cubans left. And now we are going to relaunch another country,
another Cuba with no traces of Castroism, be it on the Island or in some
other spot. There are plans. It is enough to merely awaken the political
imagination, to break the bonds of our thinking that the dictatorship is
the dictatorship.

And the page of Castroism will remain congealed as a sort of North Korea
of the Caribbean, barbaric, abusive, unnecessary.

There will be another Havana, Brothers and Sisters.

Our children will be handsome, gorgeous and free. Never will they know
the horror of so many generations destroyed by the person of Fidel and
his blackmailed and salaried agents, as well as those already thirsting
for lives that are whole, and the hopes of living them. Castroism is a
criminal habit.

A Cuba will come that manifests permanent values: Good, Beauty, Truth,
Kindness, Love — that which comes easily, which is common, which is natural.

If the assassins of visionaries do not permit me to arrive alive on that
shore, there will be another Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo who will love all
free Cuban men and women as much as I love them.

Castroism's crimes are numbered.

Cubansummatum est!

Translated by: Alicia Barraqué Ellison

14 November 2014

Source: Kill, Already, If You Are Going to Kill / Orlando Luis Pardo
Lazo | Translating Cuba -

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