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Poland’s Solidarity With Cuban Civil Society

Poland's Solidarity With Cuban Civil Society / Intramuros, Dagoberto Valdes
Posted on November 15, 2014
by Dagoberto Valdés Hernández

A year ago I was able to realize one of my lifelong dreams: to visit
Poland, a country that remained loyal to its faith and liberty. This
past October 20, I had the honor and joy of my second encounter with
President Lech Walesa. Just before midday, we arrived at the Warsaw
Hotel following a fruitful and cordial meeting with Poland's vice
minister of foreign relations, Mr. Leszek Soczewica. There we learned
that solidarity does not necessarily have to be at odds with an ethical

President Walesa, energetic and affectionate in manner, arrived with
quick greetings for everyone, then took his seat to address some urgent
words of attention to Cuba and conveying a transcendent message of
affection and exhortation toward courageous and responsible action.

Upon concluding his wise words, he expressed his desire to listen to us
to better learn first-hand the actual reality of the Cuban people.
Various of those present were able to express our concerns for Cuba and
we asked him to support the four points of consensus identified and
claimed by a growing and significant civil society group in Cuba.
President Walesa expressed his support for the four points and
encouraged us to strengthen the structure of civil society.

Others also presented their projects and agendas. The wife of Mr. Manuel
Cuesta Morúa asked Walesa to support and request the total liberation
and exoneration from charges of her husband. She received backing for
her cause from the leader of Solidarity and his countrymen. Mr. Walesa
expressed, with fervent devotion to Cuba, that he concurred with the
four points and also that he desired to travel to Cuba when conditions
were right for him to do so.

Each participant was able to have his or her picture taken with
President Lech Walesa, grateful for his time and commitment to Cuba.

Director of Convivencia (Coexistence) Project and Magazine

Translated by: Alicia Barraqué Ellison

30 October 2014

Source: Poland's Solidarity With Cuban Civil Society / Intramuros,
Dagoberto Valdes | Translating Cuba -

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