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Raul Castro’s Migratory Reform Falters

Raul Castro's Migratory Reform Falters / 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila
Posted on November 18, 2014

14ymedio, ELIECER AVILA, Las Tunas/November 15, 2014 — Officials,
opposition and public opinion in general have recognized as positive the
implementation of the Migratory Reform (covering emigration and travel)
promoted by the Cuban government at the beginning of 2013.

In spite of the fact that the trips for many dissidents continue to be
marked by abuse, delays and confiscations by Cuban customs authorities,
the truth is that until now, only people subject to some kind of legal
process, whether invented or not, have been prevented from travelling.

But this may be starting to change. Signs of a sudden regression, in
regards to the new rules, come to us from the eastern part of the country.

Two officials, the Major "Oliver" and the Lieutenant Colonel "Vilma,"
from State Security Management and Immigration and Alien Status
Management (DIE), respectively, have communicated categorically to young
Hanner Echavarria Licea that "it has been decided that you are not going
to travel."

To that end, today they retain his certified criminal record document,
which the Peruvian embassy demands, so that he cannot participate in the
conference "Civic Conscience and Citizen Participation" which will take
place in Lima.

The youth, a teaching graduate, self-employed and son of a retired
official of the FAR, is a serious and educated young man who enjoys high
standing in his community. Precisely the kind of person that State
Security cannot bear to see fighting for profound change in Cuba.

Echavarria Licea joined the political movement SOMOS+ and was elected by
its members to be its leader in Las Tunas. This seems to be the reason
for the current reprisal of not letting him leave the country.

His case could be palpable evidence that even today, someone without
prior criminal history or any legal entanglement whatsoever, may be
prevented from exercising his right to leave the country. Which would
mean the end of the more or less serious application of the Migratory

Translated by MLK

Source: Raul Castro's Migratory Reform Falters / 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila
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